Ayurveda is the science of prevention. It goes into details of how a person can live their life to prevent any disease from manifesting in the first place.

Right now, Immunity is very much at the top of our health agenda worldwide. Immunity is complex and built over years or generations of healthy habits of living.

Let’s look at these five steps to enhance your Immunity.

1. Food – Ayurveda says, “You are what you eat. You are what you can digest.” Have a close look at your diet and nutrition. Check which foods make the most part of your daily diet.

Make sure you check the following pointers related to food:

a. Be punctual with your meal times.
b. Eat your last meal before 7 pm.
c. Be aware of meal portion
d. Choose fresh and organic ingredients for your meals
e. Certain food combinations may not be suitable for your Dosha balance.
f. Check cooking oils that you use

2. Sleep – It is fundamental to have good, restful and restorative sleep every night. Sleep is a great balancer for our bodies and minds.

a. Sleep on time every night.
b. Best time to get into deepest sleep is before 11pm.
c. Have a soothing set of rituals before you sleep.
d. You should have eaten your meal four hours before sleeping.
e. Read something uplifting or spiritual before going to bed.

3. Non-Indulgence – Ayurveda talks about ‘Brahmacharya’ which means non-indulgence of any kind. Be aware of what you indulge in and start reducing it slowly. It could be food, wine, loud music, exercise, sex.

4. Lifestyle – if you lead a very hectic or stressful life at work and home, to make sure you schedule some ‘you-time’ in there. To assess your relationships and start making them pleasant. Assess how much alcohol or smoking is suitable for you and adjusting it to suit your dosha balance.

5. Mind – All diseases are psychosomatic in nature, which means disease first starts in the mind and then gets manifested in our bodies.

To check how your mind is behaving:

a. Work with a counsellor or mentor or coach
b. Personal development- to improve your mindset to a progressive and uplifting one.
c. Yoga and Pranayama is a great way to manage the mind.