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Dr. Ashish Paul

Ashish Paul is one of very few herbalists educated in both Ayurvedic and Western Medicine (WM). Ashish is passionate about educating people regarding the advantages of combining the ancient practice of Ayurveda with the familiar benefits of WM

More About Dr. Ashish Paul

Ashish works closely with patients in the area of infertility especially those intending to embark on fertility treatment. Ashish’s approach is natural and holistic, using both Ayurvedic and Western herbs to help create the ideal foundation suited to today’s demanding, modern lifestyles.

Ashish Paul is available to speak at your event, whether it is in an informal networking meeting or a structured health-focused event. With years of experience in education and presenting, she is comfortable with groups of all sizes.

Talk to Ashish about workshops, explanatory talks, lectures and other speaking and hosting events. Ayurvedic medicine is a fascinating topic and people are always surprised at how much it helps them to understand their bodies – and improve – their health for life.

Talks & Presentations

Ashish has many talks, presentations and workshops prepared for events and speaking, and regularly seeks invitations for bespoke topics. Each topic can be presented as a short introductory talk, a workshop or a longer, educational presentation depending on event requirements. Here are a few examples of the topics for her talks.

Breathe Better with Yoga Breathing (a stress-busting workshop)

Breathing is life, breathing releases oxygen in to our cells, breathing cleanses the body, and breathing helps with the anti-ageing process. Most of us don’t breathe deeply enough.Yoga teaches us to breathe intensely with various breathing exercises. It helps to balance both sides of the brain; it cleanses and purifies our lungs, reduces the toxic gas residue in the body, improves anti-oxidant levels, reduces mental stress, and reduces cellular stress. This has beneficial implications in most health conditions, and can help make a happier and healthier YOU.

Eat Fat Stay Healthy Workshop

In this workshop, we explore what “good fat” is, and explore its role in our health issues that many of us face today.
Many health conditions are related to loss of fat in our bodies such as Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis,Infertility, skin conditions, ADHD in children, and early menstruation issues in young girls.Understanding what you put into your body will help you to better prepare for – and cope with – health concerns.

Know Your Body-Mind Type Presentation

Here, we discover the ancient Ayurvedic principles of doshas: Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. We evaluate their role in forming your personality and your predispositions. e.g. most people who work in media are Vatta types, and if unbalanced they can become neurotic. Most people who are leaders are Pitta types and most people who are laid back are Kapha types. Knowing our doshas is to know our genetic blueprint. By changing our habits we affect our genetic material, not merely for us but for generations to come.

Herbs for Women

Did you know that there are many Ayurvedic?and Western herbs that are called female herbs?Such herbs help women at each stage of their life. Ashish discusses the theories, practices, and attitudes regarding herbs, and examines the relationship between women and herbs during various stages in life.

Ayurveda for Infertility Seminar

What surprises me the most about infertility treatments with western doctors is the severe lack of mental and emotional preparation couples are given before they start any infertility treatment?I work with many couples going through infertility treatments such as those mentioned previously. In many cases, they are not even told the basics about diet and nutrition and how to prepare the mothers body in readiness for this invasive ongoing treatment. One must remember that fertility treatment has horrendous effects on women before, during and after their treatment which isn’t guaranteed to result in a live birth and they have to live with these after effects for the rest of their lives, their bodies don’t forget. This talk will look at how Ayurveda supports women and families preparing for IVF, and looks at boosting fertility. We give deep abdominal massages during the day to improve blood flow to the uterus, cleansing it and cleansing the lymphatic flow. We also look at the internal Ayurvedic medicines which are prescribed to improve fertility.

Skin care with herbs and Ayurveda

Skin is the largest organ we have, and presents the outermost expression of our inner body’s health and how we are feeling inside. It is also connected to our perception of each other in the world. Skin is also useful for the topical absorption of various materials.In Ayurvedic traditions, skincare starts with cleansing yourself internally and topically. Optimal digestion is one of the key factors in having good skin, so we discuss herbs that are commonly used to boost your natural skin’s health. Various preparations to improve skin are also recommended, and during this interactive workshop there is the chance to handle the herbs and oils and test them and a tabled discussion about their different benefits of and a detailed explanation as to why it is good for your skin’s health.

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