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Ānanda Programme
In-person, one on one, 3 months Course

Ananda Programme is an intensive fertility rejuvenating programme.

 Dr Ashish works one on one with these patients offering

 in-clinic 8 therapy sessions based on principles of Panchakarma.

Diet & Nutrition advice from Ayurveda.  

Ayurvedic and Western Herbs.

Mindset training from NLP.

Ongoing continous support via weekly calls for 12 weeks. 

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“ I love the idea of using Ghee in my recipes as I have heard Ghee enhances fertility. Thank you for creating wonderful recipes. "

“ Thank you so much for helping us and giving us these wonderful recipes. We have many more tastier and healthier options to choose from. "

“ Thank you very much for sending some delicious recipes in helping us improve our nutrition and to help us in becoming pregnant. "

“ The best thing I like about these recipes is that they are based on Ayurvedic nutritional principles. Thank you so much. "

Ashishveda Fertilty

Natural Fertility Programme


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