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About Dr Ashish Paul

Dr Ashish Paul is a Natural Health and Fertility Expert based in Harley Street, London W1. Dr Ashish has been an Ayurvedic physician for 27 years and a Medical Herbalist for 19 years. She has been supporting women to get pregnant for 9 years from her Ashishveda Clinic in Harley Street, London.

Dr Ashish has extensive clinical experience with patients in India, UK and Paris. She is well versed in Ayurvedic Medicine and Therapies and Western Herbal Medicine. She also uses Dynamic Yoga, NLP and Hypnotherapy as part of her rejuvenation work with women.

Dr Ashish wants all women to enjoy rejuvenated health and thrive in all walks of their life. Her gentle and effective approach instills a new hope in women who are on their fertility or health journey.

Dr Ashish is on a mission to rejuvenate women’s health and fertility with bespoke Natural Medicines and Therapies. She has taught Ayurveda in India, UK and Paris.

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