Twenty reasons why should you be thinking about enhancing fertility naturally:

1. It is simple.

2. You can do it sitting at home.

3. It works for any type of personality.

4. It can be utilised as a way of life.

5. You can work with your own foods and cuisine.

6. It fits in your lifestyle and schedule.

7. It is easy for your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

8. It is integrative and holistic.

9. It is subjective to you.

10. It looks after your specific requirements.

11. It treats you with respect.

12. It is patient-centred and not disease centred.

13. You are seen as a being with a body, mind, emotions, feelings, spirit and not just a machine.

14. It is energy medicine.

15. It is balancing in nature.

16. It works with the rhythm of your body, mind and spirit.

17. It sets up changes in your genetic material thereby affecting and impacting generations down the line.

18. It has the least number of side-effects.

19. It empowers you. You are in charge of your health and well-being.

20. It is cheaper to use natural medicine.