In this short video Dr Ashish shares top 10 tips to enhance your fertility in order to get pregnant naturally.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, Dr. Ashish here. In this video, which is going to last about five minutes, I’m going to talk about briefly 10 main steps to take to enhance your fertility when you’re trying to get pregnant naturally.

Number one, I’ll just list them first and then briefly explain what I mean. Number one fertility recipes or diet foods which are suitable to your dosha type to your personality type fertility messages Pranayama, which is breathing exercises according to yoga, fertility, meditation, orgasms or intimate health, mindset training, fertility enhancing ayurvedic herbs, vaginal steaming, vaginal soak and vaginal herbal pack. So I’ll briefly explain what all these 10 steps up.

First one is to work on your diet I’ve just recently produced 20 fertility recipes that you can get hold off and make use of working on your diet. Eating according to your personality type, what is your personality according to Ayurveda What is your dosha balance right now which foods are suitable for you which can enhance your fertility best for you. So find that out and then eat only those foods.

Number three is fertility massage fertility massages when you work with me in mentoring programme you can learn this to do yourself otherwise you can have it done via therapist, make sure you having more than one fertility massages and as many as you can.

Number four is Pranayama, Pranayama is specialised yogic breathing exercises that we do and I recommend according to what is your again what is your personality, what is your situation how your mind works and how your breathing patterns are. So working with that, which Pranayama is suitable for you and for how long and how much you should do all of that. Make sure you include some kind of Pranayama, fertility, meditation, fertility meditation is to work on this part of your mind. Or this area of your body which is called mind and how mind affects your fertility. How certain patterns or belief patterns are affecting your fertility journey. So we work on that infertility meditation.

Number six is orgasms. How is your orgasmic health? How is your sexual intimacy with your partner, and we work on that and make sure that you are orgasming very well.

Number seven mindset training and I’m looking at the sheet so that I don’t miss anything. Number seven is mindset training mindset training is to work with NLP to give you specific techniques and help you to give you that another perspective to give you a positive mindset so that it is easier to go through fertility journey.

Number eight is fertility enhancing ayurvedic herbs. These are specific herbs which help with uterine health which help with sperm health to improve the quality of the eggs so make sure you use Ayurvedic herbs to enhance your fertility.

Number eight vaginal number nine sorry, vaginal steaming or vaginal soak is also called SIDS path as I call it, you make a decoction of hubs, I tell you which herbs to use. And then you sit in those herbs and enhancing the blood circulation to pelvic area.

And last one is vaginal herbal packs, certain specific Ayurvedic Herbs, which I recommend which you use vaginally so 10 steps that you can use when you’re trying to conceive naturally and to enhance and do all of these that you can use that you can do in your given the time that you have. I work with all these and much more when I working with my mentoring clients who are trying to conceive naturally as well. If this information you think this makes perfect sense to you, this is something you’re looking for or you’re looking this for somebody else. Then do get in touch, drop a comment below and I will get in touch with you. Thank you.