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Svedana is an Ayurvedic full body or localised steam treatment. Steaming has been practiced for centuries in Ayurveda as a natural relaxation and detoxifying therapy. During Svedana, the part of the body is steamed. Typically, you will be given a wet cloth to keep your head cool.

Why would I want to do this therapy?

Svedana provides natural detoxification and has numerous additional health benefits. After the therapy session, your skin will appear brighter and deeply cleansed. You’ll also experience improved circulation. In addition to these benefits, steaming aids metabolic function and can alleviate the symptoms of arthritis. Localised steam can be used to help infertility.

What are the benefits of doing this therapy?

The benefits of a Svedana steam therapy include:
1. Greater balance between Vata and Kapha doshas
In Ayurvedic tradition, the doshas are the vital life energies that are part of our mind-body constitution. The doshas are affected by external sources such as the food we eat and can be thrown out of balance. Excess of the watery Kapha dosha can lead to water retention, and the sweating produced by Svedana helps to reduce Kapha to restore the balance between this watery dosha and the dry, airy Vata dosha. – Ayurvedic Svedana is far superior to general steaming because we use Ayurvedic herbs according to your condition and doshas.
2. Intensified Detoxification
Sweating is the body’s natural detoxifying process, as toxins are expelled through the skin’s pores when we work up a sweat. Svedana provides a more intense version of this that effectively flushes out toxins that would otherwise build up and potentially cause illness.
3. Revitalized skin
Your skin will feel more hydrated after your first Svedana therapy session and after each subsequent session. The deep penetration of the steam into the pores also helps to clear up blemishes and promotes more even skin tone.
4. Improved circulation
Like Abhyanga Ayurvedic massage, Svedana improve circulation. Immersion in hot steam dilates blood vessels which allow the blood to circulate better.
5. Reduced muscle pain
Svedana warms while promoting the flow of blood to stiff muscles, alleviating muscular pain and symptoms of painful joints/frozen shoulder/arthritis.
6. Infertility
Localised steam is used in the management protocol for Infertility
7. Weight loss
Svedana is also used in the management protocol of weight reduction

Does it hurt? What can I expect?

Sweating is a natural function of the body and Svedana thus does not hurt. A qualified Ayurvedic practitioner will make sure that the steam is hot enough to provide the full health benefits but not so hot that it will scald or injure you in any way. You can expect a revived and relaxed feeling after the therapy session.

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