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About the Hub

The Ashishveda resource hub allows you to access important updates, tips and expert advice from Dr. Ashish right from your phone.

Benefits of joining Ashishveda Membership:

1. All the information about Fertility/Health is in one place.
2. Scientific, evidence-based information is delivered to you by a qualified professional.
3. Get support for your health conditions without the confusion.
4. Discounts/special access to members on to Ashishveda Webinar/Courses/Classes.
5. Ask questions and get answers directly by Dr Ashish.

How to join the Ashishveda Resource Hub & Community

To join our resource hub, which is hosted by the Ugenie platform, please sign-up here. If you are already a member, you can sign-in here.

Our hub is also available on the Ugenie app which can be downloaded from the iOS Apple Store or Android Google Play Store, and ask to join the Ashishveda Resource Hub.

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