In this video Dr Ashish discusses how does natural medicine support you in your fertility journey.

Video Transcript

Hello, Dr. Ashish here. In this short video for about 15 to 20 minutes, I’m going to talk about how does natural medicine support you in your fertility journey.

So that’s what I want to give my view about, with examples with the patients that I work with, and how am I able to support them? And principally, what is it about natural medicine that is going to help you support you while you’re going through your fertility journey. So I would love to hear from you as well, if you if this is the first time that you are hearing about natural medicine, being of any use in fertility journey, you may not have heard of this before, because doctors definitely do not know enough and do not recommend this. So perhaps this is the first time you’re hearing me. So I would love to know your comments, I would love to know if what I’m talking about. If it makes sense to you, I’m happy to have a chat with you as well, if you you know want more clarification as how natural medicine is able to support you. So let’s talk about how principally natural medicine is able to help you in your fertility journey.

My name is Dr. Ashish, as you are on my website, I support women, mainly men also uncouples over all who are going through fertility issues. For at least over two years, I deal with a number of complex cases where whether it’s natural conception or with IVF. In both scenarios, I work very closely with my clients, I work online and offline, one on one and in group setting in all sorts of scenarios wherever you want to, wherever you are, and wherever you need natural medicine to be there. I’m happy to support you. So how does natural medicine what is natural medicine doing for you and your body when you’re going through fertility journey? So the first main aspect of natural medicine is that it is gentle. Yep, it works with the rhythm of your body. Everybody has body and mind has a rhythm to it. Some people have a very strong rhythm some people have very gentle rhythm some people are the ones who get you know affected by common cold say for example, a lot of other people are not affected by common cold, but they have some kind of other issue going on. So every system everybody we know that we are electromagnetic beings Yeah, we create this, what we call aura around us, which comes from us being at like an electromagnet. So we are generating these waves around us. Some people have the stronger waves which affect an area much more around us and for some people it’s it’s narrow area. So it you can see this in what we call Kirlian photography, which is measuring you aura. So aura is also about how strong your vital forces how strong your electromagnetic field is created around you, which gives you a sense of help.

So every body and mind has a rhythm and natural medicine works with your rhythm. If you are somebody who is able to take lots of Herbs, who’s able to take lots of herbal medicines herbal teas is able to take a number of therapies there then you have a stronger Yeah, you have a stronger rhythm to yourself as compared to somebody else who might need smaller dosages of herbal medicines might need stronger smaller sessions or lesser sessions of therapy, but more on a longer term scale. So this is natural medicine supporting you in your own body it is not aggressive, it does not force anything. That is the key difference between natural medicine and modern medicine modern medicine I mean the medicine which is prescribed by doctors say for example in this scenario it will be IVF IUI and other drugs that are given by gynaecologist and doctors. Natural Medicine is working with you being in charge, it is not forcing any medicine on you.

We give dosages which you can handle and there are ways to check how much dosage you can actually take Also, one of the key advantages of natural medicine, if you want to use it for your fertility journey is there are no side effects or very minimal effects of Herbs, which generally are taken away if you change the dose if you change the Herbs, and we have plenty of hundreds of herbs that we can use instead of one herb, which is not the case in modern medicine.

So it is natural medicine has got no side effects, or least side effects. So you can be rest assured that whatever you’re putting into your body is natural, no side effects, working with the rhythm of your body. Natural Medicine is also something that when you take natural medicine, or when you work with a practitioner, like myself, we are working with you being in charge, I’m not telling you, this is what you need to do. I’m advising you, supporting you that this is what I think you should do. And you tell me okay, this, I think is too much for me, can we do this much. So it’s a, it’s a negotiation that your body and mind can do. When we certainly have a consultation, it is you being in an in charge of your fertility journey of your health. Yeah. And I have seen this with the clients and women and men that I work with many women, when they are using IVF drugs.

And we know what happens with IVF drugs is if you are not getting stimulated enough with a certain dose, the dosages are increased. And even with those large dosages, many, many, many times the egg numbers don’t increase or the quality of eggs don’t increase or that it does not produce the result desired result or that it has a lot of side effects, which does not happen with natural medicine. Yeah, so natural medicine is given according to how much your body is able to take it. And also, one of the things that natural medicine is creating, you know in your fertility journey is creating that time and space for your body to work with it for your body to heal itself for your body to produce that result by taking that amount of time. Now, this time is very subjective, how long somebody will need to produce great number of eggs or the quality of eggs or the good quality of sperms it’s very different from person to person and there is no blanket line.

You know, blanket statement I can give you that in these many weeks you will have the quality yes, they’re an indication that chances are that you will have but everybody’s body and mind and emotions work very differently. So you so we create that space, we create that type feeling of time that you are doing something giving your body that nurturing that healing that it requires in the form of therapies in the form of yoga in the form of mindset training in the form of hubs, with which your body then becomes capable enough to produce those results. Also, that natural medicine creates this feeling of balance, balance and well being is crucial for your hormones to work for your hormones to be balanced as well. Now, perhaps you never thought of it this way that natural that your hormones in order to balance your hormones, you need to balance your life, your lifestyle, your diet, yo how you function in your work environment, how your relationships are you need to be looking at all those aspects in order to have balanced hormones. What happens with modern medicine is that you are given hormones from outside Yeah, and we know that even with that many times body does not accept them or react to them or does not produce desired results. Whereas, if we are creating this kind of environment for your body, to balance itself out, it will produce those the crucial you know numbers of oestrogen progesterone, testosterone and other hormones that it requires, it will produce them and it will produce them in more of a balanced state because this is how body functions itself. If it is given a chance if it is not forced on it If it is not pressurised enough, it will create that sense of balance. And of course, when there is a practitioner like myself was working with you slightly adjusting things in your diet and your lifestyle, then we are speeding a little bit, but still going with your body’s pace. So it’s creating that balance for you as well.

So natural medicine is something that you need, that you should be using, at the start of your fertility journey. If you are someone who’s looking into getting pregnant, you have stopped contraception if you were using contraception, or that now you are with a partner, married or otherwise, and you want to start your family and you are looking and making inquiries into what can you do to help you to support you, or that you have tried for six months, and it hasn’t happened yet. And you’re starting to wonder what else can I do to improve my fertility, that is the crucial moment where you need to be using natural medicine at that point before you go and do any other interventions IUI or Clomid or any other medications from doctors, or eventually IVF all those interventions should be used after natural medicine. Because right now, where you’ve just started, your body is still in its it still has not been contaminated is probably the wrong word. But it still has not been, you know, forced with drugs. So your body still has its natural machinery, its natural balance still there. And it can be enhanced very well with natural medicine. Even if then you go and have IVF the chances will be that you need less IVF cycles that you need less drugs because your body is prepared for it and your mind is also prepared for it.

Yeah. Natural Medicine that how I understand it and how I utilise with my clients. It’s it has to work on your body, your mind, your spirit, your emotions, all of that together holistically. So it is not only just using drugs, and totally ignore ignoring your mental state, it takes into account the whole of your life, how is your life functioning right now? And it is not helping you to get pregnant. Yeah. So that’s what I’m doing in the clinic. And I am seeing great results when we support couples going through fertility journey. And I do see a lot of IVF couples who are already on that IVF journey because the awareness system not not there. It’s not enough out there for people to realise Oh, I should actually cleanse my body utilise some natural Herbs, utilise some natural therapies before I do anything else to get pregnant. So that information is not at their hands, I’m speaking about it. So if so, start early start with natural medicine because your body then has the chance to develop strong to develop its own balance its own well being you can work on all aspects of your health and well being and your mind and your mindset which can then help you going forward especially in the case where fertility journey becomes longer. Unfortunately, that is the case for a lot of couples, not 1000s Millions of couples that is the case. So it is to do it in the first place. Also I would like to encourage for men especially because many times men think oh if I do have good enough sperms we are good to good as far as my fertility is concerned and only the you know the female partner has to be used herbs or remedies or therapies. It’s it’s not the right way to be thinking about it because you need good quality egg and good quality sperm. They both need to make a good strong embryo for you to have a great pregnancy and also healthier embryo and then healthier Baby. So it comes from both the parents comes from both eggs and sperms. And you need to be looking at your health if you are the one who as a couple is getting pregnant, if you are using surrogate if you are using other methods of getting pregnant, you are most sexual couple, in which case, I would recommend you to look into it for the person who’s carrying baby for you, for them to be utilising natural medicine, because that is also possible I support people from all different backgrounds different however you want to define your genders and whatever is your method of having a family. I am here to support natural medicine is here to support you. So if you are using surrogate you are using donor eggs donors Baum’s you can always ask them to use natural medicine before they actually give the sample if there is a possibility, you can only ask. So, I would encourage in heterosexual couples for men to utilise natural medicine for themselves as well. Because even in case of miscarriages, recurrent miscarriages happen when the sperm quality is not is not strong enough, it’s not good enough. So for men out there who think oh, this is because it is in the mindset of men, and I don’t see very many men coming forward. In the first instance, they only come forward if there is an issue with them. And it may be further down the line a year or two years already in their fertility journey. So generally, to start with natural medicine, I don’t see that many men and I would love to see that changing with you being an open minded heterosexual couple were men and known. Men and women both use natural medicine, as the first point of calling you use natural medicine, you detox, you work with natural medicine for good three to six months before you actually, I mean, within that time, you might get pregnant anyway. But afterwards, if you then go into other assisted form of reproduction, IVF your body and mind has been prepared. Yeah. And it has been paired naturally. And it has been prepared with the best what your body can deal with.

So just a little bit of perspective on what natural medicine can do for you. And I invite your questions, I would love you to get in touch if you are someone who is finding it difficult to get pregnant, who has just started a journey, and you would like to know how natural medicine can support you would be happy to answer your queries. So get in touch, we do have an inquiry form where you can send an inquiry and it comes directly to me. And then we can book a consultation for you to sit and have a chat and start your journey natural so that you so that your body and your mind eventually if it does end up you know taking IVF as a route to pregnancy or any other drugs. It does not struggle it does not it still remains healthy. Yeah. Okay, so thank you so much. And I hope this has given you a little bit of food for thought. So do check out other videos, other blogs that I’m sharing here on the website as well so that you get some a little more idea into how natural medicine works and how it can support your new fertility journey. Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing from you.