Ashishveda Ayurvedic Therapy – Kati Basti


‘Kati’ means lower back. It is a therapy that is used for lower back health issues.

What is the procedure of Kati Basti?

In this procedure, over a particular area of lower back, a small shallow well is made either with a plastic mould or with flour. This small well is fixed temporarily on the lower back. This shallow well is then filled with warm oil. When oil cools down a small portion of it is removed using a spoon. More warm oil is then filled in. This procedure goes on for about 45minutes.

What is it used for?

Lower back pain
After childbirth lower back pain
Lumbar disc prolapse
Back pain before or during menstruation

What kind of oil or medicines are used in Kati Basti?

Warm ayurvedic oils are used either on their own or medicated herb oils are used.

How many sessions of Kati Basti are needed generally?

At Ashishveda Dr Ashish recommends all Ayurvedic therapy sessions in a bundle of at least four sessions. This means to have one therapy session per day for four consecutive days.

Safety and contraindications of Kati Basti

This is fairly safe therapy. It can be used for clients of most ages.

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