In this section, I will be sharing stories from Ahimsa in France. Ahimsa, just outside Paris, is
a beautiful healing place where Ayurvedic treatments and therapies are offered. Ahimsa also
offers Ayurvedic teaching and I am one of the founding teachers.

Last two teaching sessions I have done at Ahimsa centre in France, were on my favourite
topics; fertility and women’s issues. We discussed fertility from Ayurvedic and modern
medicine perspective. I find it fascinating to read ayurvedic texts, which feels like sharing
with connoisseurs of Ayurveda who are revered and had so much wisdom. And that all those
texts were written hundreds of years ago, based on the information that was passed down as
an oral tradition.

I love my students’ participation and their suggestions throughout my teaching sessions.
One of the items that I was keen to share with them was the mindset regarding fertility issues.
How our mindset is shaped by the culture around us and how fertility is very different for
both men and women. It is important for us as practitioners to understand our own biases so
that we can comprehend some of our patients’ biases as well. This is all part of natural
healing, where mind-body-spirit are connected and aligned.