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You may eat junk food or you may have a healthy diet. Regardless of whether you are careful about the foods you eat or can’t resist indulging in temptations, you may be prone to digestive complaints. Abnormal colon function can lead to a variety of ills. This includes inflammatory conditions, constipation, chronic fatigue and more. Natural colonic hydrotherapy (or basti in Ayurvedic terms) can help to prevent and alleviate these conditions, however.

What is colonic hydrotherapy?

This is a natural therapy that has been practiced by Ayurvedic health experts for thousands of years. Colonic hydrotherapy or basti involves deeply cleansing the digestive tract. Warm, purified water is introduced into the colon and expelled to clear the digestive system of toxic substances, parasites, mucous, improperly evacuated faecal matter and gas. This purifying process promotes greater wellbeing.

What are the benefits of basti?

Basti or colonic irrigation helps alleviate a number of discomforting conditions, including:
● Constipation
● Slipped discs and other back pains
● Diverticulosis
● Rakta vata or gout
● Ama vata or rheumatism
● Sandhiata vata or arthritis
● Insomnia
● Adhamana or distention/gas

While western colonic hydrotherapy often simply uses water, Ayurvedic basti has the advantage of adding the healing, nourishing properties of medicinal herbs and oils. Internal oleation using pure, non-allergenic oils is applied first to protect the important flora of the gut and to ensure maximum comfort. After this herbal tea cooled to body temperature is introduced and retained for a set length of time. These herbal preparations promote colonic health.

Upon completion of a regular basti, you should have easier bowel movements with consistent cleansing. Many people who practice basti report a feeling of greater lightness in the stomach area and enhanced general clarity afterwards.

When to take a break from basti

If you are worried about contraindications, be advised that you should not have basti performed if you are:
● Pregnant
● Menstruating
● Have any current digestive symptoms such as diarrhea, bleeding or inflammation
● Simultaneously having vamana or virechana therapy.

Also, avoid basti within 3 hours after eating or if you are encountering any symptoms of weakness.
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