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Panchakarma (Ayurvedic detoxification program) provided here at Ashishveda successfully merges the best of western comfort with the ancient Indian art of healing. Your fully-trained Ayurvedic therapy practitioner Ashish will conduct a detailed evaluation of your particular needs, and then present a plan as to how Panchakarma will benefit you. Panchakarma detoxification plans are always carried out by Ashish personally, with programmes ranging from 8 days to 21 days; depending upon the nature of your condition.

Ashishveda Approach

Panchakarma is a unique bio-purificatory program at the cellular level. It includes the following therapies carried out normally over a period of 8 – 21 days. You will need to attend the clinic initially but with detailed instructions from the Practitioner, most of the Panchakarma therapies can also be administered in the convenience of your own home.

The therapies performed during Panchakarma benefit the whole person: mind, body and spirit and consist of (in most cases);

A full body massage with warm Ayurvedic oil
Ghee paan
Drinking medicated ghee
The whole body is given herbal steam
Emesis is induced with herbs
Purgation (stools) are induced with herbs
Colon cleansing with herbs and herbal oil
Drops of medicated ghee given via nostrils
Warm oil / herbal decoction is poured on forehead
Dhoom pan
Herbal fumes for inhalation


We set the scene of complete tranquillity for you to experience the amazing health benefits of a Panchakarma detoxification, cleanse and rejuvenation experience.

As our patient, you are welcomed into our clinic by the gracious aromas of fragrant oils and candles.

Your bespoke healing program is carried out through the management of herbal medicines, Panchakarma detoxification programs, psychotherapy as well as lifestyle coaching. It is a centuries-old process to remove imbalances and restore vitality which means it is carefully crafted for your specific needs at any one time.

At Ashishveda we draw from the full range of therapies to tailor your Panchakarma for maximum benefit to enhance and restore your health. The experience is transformative. You will need to commit for the entirety of your specific program and prepare to unburden and let go.

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