In this short video Dr Ashish shares 5 steps to reduce anxiety when trying to get pregnant.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, Dr. Ashish here. In this video which is going to last about five minutes, I’m going to discuss five simple steps that I use with my clients to help them reduce their anxiety when they’re trying to get pregnant.

So five simple steps. Number one is grounding. Number two, barefoot walking. Number three, is visualisation number four, comedy movie, number five Shirodhara. I’ll just briefly explain how, what my thoughts are on each of these steps.

So first one is grounding. Grounding is when you feel that connection with the solid earth with the ground under your feet. What happens many times is when anxiety is kind of taken over your life, or you are feeling really anxious is that because you are thinking either of the past or of future, you’re not here right now in the present. And one of the things that work really well is if you feel that connection with the ground with the Earth, yeah, under your feet. So there are a number of grounding exercises that you can learn to do for yourself. So make sure you learn one of those ground yourself.

Number two is barefoot walking. So walking, where you don’t wear any shoes and you’re walking either on the grass or on like a forest path or perhaps in the house. If if you’re in the UK and it’s always raining, then it’s probably best to walk inside the house but walking with ground underneath you where you feel each and every step of yours. So when you’re walking to feeling each and every single step of us under your feet.

Number three is visualisation visualisation is almost like daydreaming you are just imagining scenarios. Closing your eyes, you could be you could do this even your eyes open. visualisation is a particular methods to get a little deeper into yourself. You’re not thinking about it, you’re feeling about it. So there’s no thinking involved. There’s no judgement involved. You’re just feeling it as it comes. So you’re going through a path to a forest, it’s lovely, it’s green, it’s and just keep making that up. And because your mind is so busy, doing visualisation or visualising that anxiety levels automatically reduces just by saying to reduce anxiety does not reduce like that.

So visualisation number 4 is comedy movie, and comedy movie or some kind of light hearted film or some kind of light hearted series that you might watch, which has an uplifting story, or some kind of comedy that you like, or stand up comedy to make it a little lighter for you to look at another perspective in life as well and not just be bogged down by whatever, wherever you are in your fertility journey.

Number five, and this is what we do in the clinic is to do Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic therapy where we put warm oil which trickles on your forehead here and help you to unwind it helps to balances your brainwaves. And that’s how it relaxes you as well. It’s probably one of the most ultimate relaxation treatments that you can do in the clinic. Rest of the things you can do yourself.

So just I’ll remind you five simple steps number one grounding number two barefoot walking, number three visualisation number four comedy movie number five Shirodhara if you want to come to the clinic and have it done. So I know that because fertility journey is a long event for some women and couples. So it may be that you are at a different stage of your fertility journey, but having this anxious, anxious feeling about things, how they’re going to pan out for you. If this information resonates with you, if you are trying to get pregnant, or you know of somebody who’s trying to get pregnant and are really