In this short video, Dr Ashish talks about 3 simple steps to do when you are trying to get pregnant after an Ectopic pregnancy.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, Dr. Ashish here. In this short video, I’m going to talk about three simple steps to take when you’re trying to get pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy. So number one is diet. Number two is fertility massage. Number three is a vaginal soak. I’m going to give you a little bit more detail on these three steps that you can do yourself. Number one diet. So, what kind of diet you should be eating. Normally, anti infective anti-inflammatory diet is what you require, because that is one of the reasons why perhaps the tubes are not as potent or as open as they should be because there might be some low lying inflammation. So low inflammation diet or anti infective diet as we, as we call it. Number two is to do the fertility massage. Now, this is something you can only do once you have passed the acute phase of a topic you cannot initially touch your abdomen it may be so but once you have passed that stage, you can in your own time, get a nice base oil, get a nice essential oil that is suitable for you. And suitable in order to help you to enhance your fertility. You can mix those two together and apply lower abdomen and to attend to circular message. With your own both hands you can do that or perhaps your partner can do that for you. And this is you do lower abdomen around your pubic area. And you can go a little more deeper if your body allows if it is not too so if not just even a gentle massage will be enough. Number three is what I call sitz bath it is also called vaginal bath, or vaginal soak. So where your vagina your vulva area your pelvic area is stepped in, in a decoction or in herbal decoction. So you get I’ll give you a name of one herb which is quite commonly available called licorice. Take licorice, make a decoction get it to the room temperature or as hot as your skin can take it and you put it in a bath and you sit on it you soak your pelvic area in it. And one more trick I’ll tell you to do with that while he was sitting in set path to do the pelvic floor exercise. So three simple steps number one to work on your diet and digestion. Number two, to do fertility message yourself whatever you can do. Number three is for China’s so called search path. So if you are one of those who have been affected by ectopic pregnancy recently or in the recent past, or you know somebody who has gone through a topic pregnancy and they’re now thinking about getting pregnant again, and you think this message resonates with you if you like what I’m talking about, then do get in touch, drop me a message and I will be in touch. Thank you.