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Nasya means nose. Nasya also means application of medicine through nostrils. In Ayurveda Nose is said to be the door to the head or skull.

What is the procedure of Nasya?

Nasya is performed early in the morning or first thing in the morning. The head must be tilted back so that medicine can go inside properly. Three to five drops of oil, ghee, or decoction is put in each nostril. Head and neck massage is performed before putting the medicine in the nostrils. Clients are asked to stay in this position for two to three minutes for the medicines to be absorbed in the nose. Steam of hot water infused with herbs or essential oils is given afterwards for three to five minutes.

What is it used for?

All diseases of upper respiratory tract
Memory loss
To improve concentration
To balance hormones

What kind of oil or medicines are used in nasya?

Warm ayurvedic oils, ghee are used either on their own or medicated herb oils/ ghee are used. Decoction of herbs is used.

How many sessions of Nasya are needed generally?

At Ashishveda Dr Ashish recommends all Ayurvedic therapy sessions in a bundle of at least four sessions. This means to have one therapy session per day for four consecutive days. Nasya can be learnt very easily and performed at home by the clients themselves.

Safety and contraindications of Nasya

This is fairly safe therapy. It can be used for clients of most ages.

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