In this video Dr Ashish discusses briefly her patient’s case, going from two miscarriages and one failed IVF to a successful pregnancy. This patient had sub-chorionic haematoma.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, Dr. Ashish here. In this video, I’m going to talk about how to enhance the quality of your eggs when you’re trying to conceive naturally, even when you are 14, I’m going to share my screen with you so that you can see the presentation.

Okay, so let’s look at the reasons for reduction in the quality of eggs at 35, or round 35. In women, the quality and the number of eggs start to reduce every six months or so, that is also dependent on how your body is internally how your cells are eating internally as well. So we need to look at that, there may be that there is low energy levels overall, you feel tired, exhausted, mentally, you feel tired, which can cause an impact on the quality of eggs, low nutrient levels, which you can get checked with easily with your blood test. And to find out where your nutrient level is. And that is one of the big biggest reasons in the quality of eggs to be low. If you have had any infections in the past urine infections, vaginal infections, even gut infections, or chest infection, you have taken a lot of antibiotics for that antibiotics reduce the quality of eggs when they have been taken over and over again. So looking at your medical history is important. toxic load is something that is in the chemicals in the cleaning products that you’re using around you in homes, in offices, also the things that you use on your skin. So all the skincare range, the skincare products have an impact on the air quality. And one of the other bigger things that has an impact is or the hormone disruptors is in the plastics that we use in kitchen. So looking at that obesity is another reason to for reduce air quality, whether it’s with PCOS or otherwise, medical drugs, some medical drugs such as statins, or maybe cancer drugs, which can reduce the quality of your eggs. Now I will show you how I work with my patients. And by working with my patients so far, these are the three biggest problems that I have recognised that stop women from conceiving naturally. Number one, no ovulation or irregular ovulation, which is one of the causes and polycystic ovarian syndrome, irregular menstruation, me Nohrian or sometimes where women start menstruating but they stopped for whatever reason called secondary amenorrhea. So ovulation is one big reason why there is conception issues. Number two damage to the fallopian tubes, which can happen with ectopic pregnancy. Sometimes ectopic pregnancy ruptures or sometimes it causes adhesions, even when it doesn’t rupture, you don’t have to operate on it. tubal infections or adhesions that can happen because of sometimes something that we call endometriosis. And number three is pelvic inflammatory issues or we also call them pelvic inflammatory disease. Pid. Endometriosis is one big cause of that. Uterine infections, recurrent vaginal infections that can cause a low grade inflammation that reduces the quality of your eggs. Now to promote regular ovulation, these three things that I work on mainly number one, diet and nutrition, and looking at your diet and nutrition from a holistic point of view, from my very point of view, who you are as a person, what is your dosha type? What foods are suitable for you? What are you eating? What time all of that comes into play with diet and nutrition, balancing your hormones with herbes with your lifestyle, reducing the stress factors in your life in your lifestyle because stress has direct impact on your hormones. And then orgasms What is your orgasmic health? Do you orgasm well, because that has direct link again, with how your eggs are behaving. And the result you will feel nutritionally emotionally and hormonally more balanced. These techniques will bring a sense of place and joy in your personal life. With these you are setting a solid foundation for your body to release the best quality eggs in order to conceive. And the success story I worked with Mr. Mrs. Kay where we work together to improve the air quality and ovulation. It took them about a year to get pregnant. They have a baby boy who’s about two years now. Number two is improving the health of fallopian tubes. And I work with it on this key area with these three methods is abdominal massage of fertility message. And I teach you on my programmes as well, that you can do yourself.
Sometimes I teach this to both the partners if they’re happy to do it on each other pelvic yoga exercises, this is I mixed techniques of yoga, pilates, and the modern exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor, because that enhances the health sorry, that enhances the health of the fallopian tubes and pranayama which is a specialist breathing techniques that we use in Yoga and Ayurveda, that helps to bring that energy levels up and it improves the quality of the fallopian tubes as well. Now the result here is you will feel a huge surge of energy in Europe terminal in pelvic area, your mental energy levels and stamina will increase there will be reduction in stress levels. So the success story that I have with this as I’ve worked with Mr. Mrs. B 40 years old, complex health issues where we work together to improve the blood flow to uterus and fallopian tubes, and they got pregnant within six months. Number three is to improve the uterine health and three key areas how I work on this is anti infective diet. So perhaps there is something in your diet which may be making your body what we call inflammation high and we work on reducing that vaginal herbal swab is where you you will be using medicated Ghee or you’ll be using medicines and decoctions internally vaginally to improve the health of the uterus and the vagina. I also use herbal Yoni soak, which is like steaming vaginal steaming, which is done with herbs and that also helps greatly balances the pH of the vagina, it helps with the uterine health as well. And the result was final and you try and health will improve there is a reduction of inflammation in in Iran vagina and pelvic region. So the success story here I have worked with Miss i where we work together to improve a uterine health and extremely painful periods. And she got pregnant within about a year. And now she has got a baby girl she’s I think about a year plus old now. Now if this content resonates with you, and you want to explore getting pregnant naturally with somebody who has done this many times with other couples just like you please can you comment below this video with the word natural? And I will send you more details on how Thank you for watching. I’m Dr. Ashish and I look forward to helping you get pregnant naturally very soon. Thank you