Ashishveda – Dosha Questionnaire


Have you ever wondered why some people prefer to eat sweet foods as compared to others who love their salty foods?

It doesn’t matter how much someone tries to convince you; you like certain things the way you like them.

All of this distinctiveness is to do with your personality or nature or tendencies. This is what we assess with Ashishveda Dosha Questionnaire.

The reason to find out more about your personality is to find out your strengths and weaknesses. It is to find out what you like or dislike, what you prefer, what are your predispositions in terms of health.

Dosha Questionnaire is an attempt for you to find more about you in a holistic way. And once you have these insights you can use them to prevent diseases and preserve your health.

This Dosha Questionnaire will assess your health for the last six months.

Please tick options according to how your health has been over the past six months.

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  • Body Frame Characteristics

  • Height Characteristics

  • Body Weight Characteristics

  • Body Fat Characteristics

  • Muscles Characteristics

  • Skin Characteristics

  • Eyes Characteristics

  • Lips Characteristics

  • Teeth Characteristics

  • Fingers Characteristics

  • Nails Characteristics

  • Hands and Feet Characteristics

  • Joints Characteristics

  • Movement Characteristics

  • Speech Characteristics