In this video Dr Ashish highlights 6 key areas to focus when trying to conceive naturally.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, Dr. Ashish here. n this short video for about five minutes, I’m going to highlight six key areas that you need to look at when you’re trying to conceive naturally when you’re trying to get pregnant naturally.

Number one, ovulation. Number two, orgasms. Number three, digestion. Number four energy levels. Number five, doubts and fears number six lifetime.

I’ll just briefly explain what I mean by all these six areas. So first one is ovulation. To find out exactly when you ovulate, you could be tracking it with an app. But it’s best to find out for yourself because your ovulation time can change every month. If your periods are not necessarily the same length every month, which many many millions of women don’t have, then the app is not necessarily going to give you the correct time. So tracking your ovulation. Yeah, and one of the best ways to track your ovulation is to track the cervical mucus.

Number two is orgasms. How is your intimacy with your partner? How orgasmic you are, because that is what releases the best quality eggs. So making sure that you orgasm really well when you have when you are intimate with your partner in order to get pregnant naturally and to have a healthy pregnancy.

Number 3 is digestion. Now a lot of people are taking all these supplements and fertility foods and you know investing so much money into the supplements for fertility enhancing fertility. But if your digestion is not working well, you will not be able to digest any of those supplements very well and not actually absorbed the nutrients that are in there. So making sure your dietitian works really well. You’re not constipated, you’re not bloated. And whatever food you eat, you’re digesting well and you are feeling hungry.

Number four, his energy levels, how are your energy levels? Because that that indicates what is the health of yourself. So do you feel tired? Often? Or are you full of energy, you feel tired when you get up in the morning or through the day you cannot sustain that energy back? That is one of the indications that perhaps there is an imbalance internally that needs to be looked at maybe your sugar levels are not sustained through the day and they need to be looked at. Yeah.

Number five, his fears and doubts. What kind of fears and doubts Do you have? Everybody has fears and doubts. What are your fears and doubts that might be feeding into that might feed into while you’re going to try to get pregnant? So look at those and do some work on it with NLP with hypnosis with psychotherapist counsellor, whoever you first work on your fears and doubts.

Number six is your lifestyle. How is your lifestyle? how stressed you are? Who do you live with? What kind of environment do you have around you, it is nurturing you or it is hampering your growth, because that will have an effect on your ability to get pregnant because you know how your environment is around you. So six key areas when you’re trying to get pregnant naturally. Look at all these key areas when you begin I’ll remind you one more time ovulation, orgasms, digestion, energy levels, doubts and fears and lifestyle. If you like this content, I share a lot more content like this in my group called conceive naturally. Also, if you are somebody looking to get pregnant and want to get some support some help then do reach out. Message me. Thank you