How to get Pregnant Naturally… Without the frustration of another failed IVF


How to get Pregnant Naturally… Without the frustration of another failed IVF​


If you’re a women aged 35+ and you’ve been trying to get pregnant for 2 years or more. We’ll create a 3-step plan on the call.

On the call our goal will be to get you clear on 3 things

About Your Host - Dr. Ashish Paul

Presenter: Dr Ashish Paul, Founder of Ashishveda. #1 Natural Fertility Mentor

Dr Ashish Paul helps couples on their journey of parenthood by improving their fertility with ancient Ayurvedic Medicine and Western Herbal Medicine. She utilizes Meditation, Yoga and her NLP/hypnosis skills to achieve the desired outcome for her patients. These therapies work with the natural rhythm of the body, treat the root cause of a problem, and have less adverse effects.

Her aim is to bring awareness to the holistic benefits of Ayurveda and the Western Herbal Medicine. She passionately speaks about protecting women’s health before and after having children. She educates people about the preventative methods to reduce the risk of diseases and live an optimally healthy life.

Dr Ashish Paul is a qualified Ayurvedic Physician (BAMS- Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) and a Medical Herbalist (MSc Herbal Medicine). She is a Master NLP/Hypnosis Practitioner. She teaches yoga and breathing techniques to all her patients. Register now to get the answers you’re looking for.
Picture of Mrs. M
Mrs. M

“Dr Ashish your Mind-Body therapy sessions saved my mental health and our marriage through my fertility journey.

And your treatments improved my egg quality as well, gave us our second boy and completed our family”.

Picture of Mrs. A
Mrs. A

“At the age of 42, with a history of women’s health conditions and fairly low levels of FSH, Ashish was able to assist me to produce the top top quality eggs. I was even able to freeze one. A much better success rate than what I had encountered in my previous cycle 2 years prior”.

Picture of Mrs. G
Mrs. G

“I was 42 when I met Dr Ashish who supported me through my whole Fertility & IVF journey with her Natural therapies and Medicines, in London and in Paris. Journey was long but it was all worth it when I delivered a baby girl at 46.”

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