In this video Dr Ashish discusses briefly her patient’s case, going from two miscarriages and one failed IVF to a successful pregnancy. This patient had sub-chorionic haematoma.

Video Transcript

Hi there, Dr. Ashish here. In this short video, I’m going to share with you a journey of a patient of mine from two recurrent miscarriages, one failed IVF cycle to a successful pregnancy. This is

32 year old woman who came to me when she had lost two pregnancies

one at 14 weeks and other one around eight, nine weeks, both due to sub chorionic hematoma. And, and then she had one failed IVF cycle. And this time she was offered due to her case and due to her history, she was offered one and only free NHS funded IVF cycle. And she wanted to the make wanted to make the most of it and also wanted a successful pregnancy this times when she came to me and

you know, and I just want to highlight here really the the trauma behind all of this to lose pregnancy at 14 weeks and then to lose another one both due to the same reason. And with subchorionic hematoma. We we don’t we know some of it, but we don’t know why it happens. And many times you can have successful pregnancy with it, even with the hematoma but many times you can lose pregnancy, which is what happened with this beautiful patient of mine. And, and you know, she was traumatic, going through so much trauma when she came,

she would cry. Even during the consultation when she was sitting and just during even the therapy sessions she was crying and just looking at overall, you know why this is happening to her why she is the only one who’s having the same situation twice, not just even once, two times the same human trauma that was happening to her why ish, things are so out of control. And she and when she came to me, she said, I want to do everything possible in my ability also that I have got, you know, free IVF cycle available to me. So I’m going to prepare my body, my mind as much as I can with you. And I just these are her words that I just want to be in charge of this uncontrollable situation, do whatever I can do in my power to control it to prepare myself. So we work together over a number of weeks, and it starts always with the consultation. And I worked on always work on mind body emotions to do with fertility. And with her. We started with the consultation, put a management plan together how she would like to watch what was the focus and the focus in this case was to stay pregnant.

And to have a successful pregnancy and not to lose this pregnancy this time and hopefully no hematoma this time. And

so I gave her ivory curbs, I will take supplements that I normally use for my clients. I normally recommend therapy sessions, which are eight sessions at least it can be much longer or shorter, but at least eight sessions of IV therapies, which I did with this patient of mine and she, you know, she was happy to come to all the therapy sessions. And we also worked on fertility meditation sessions. And I remember her telling me that

she was telling me that she could never relax, could never visualise when she had been when she had tried in the past. She couldn’t visualise but we had successful, successful, you know, fertility sessions, meditation sessions together. And normally I ask my clients, my patients to record these sessions so they can play over and over again, which she was doing. And fertility meditation sessions include yoga nidra, it includes NLP techniques include mindfulness and affirmations as well. And she was really pleased to you know, have those sessions and then have them being played to her while she was at home. So I’ve worked with that worked with therapy sessions worked with Herbes. And yeah, and then she went through the IVF and IVF is successful in her case. And this time, there is no hematoma. She is pregnant so far, she felt much more calmer. She felt much more relaxed, even going through IVF

while I was keeping, you know, an eye on her and while I was supporting her, and she said she’s felt much more in control much more

stable this time as compared to what had happened to her before.

So this is you know, a journey a just a very brief outlook on what happened with a patient mind. Obviously, it came with a

lot of background trauma trauma that has happened over a number of years, she has been trying to get pregnant for now, five or six years. And even though she is 32 only, she’s somebody who wants to have a larger bigger family. And she hasn’t managed to have a successful pregnancy yet. So she’s pregnant right now and I’m still in touch with her we are keeping an eye on how she progresses she feels well she feels

very positive and you know, just about to enter second trimester. If you you know, this resonate with you you are in a similar scenario, you are going through fertility issues yourself or you feel that you need some support going through these, then do comment below.

I also urge you to share this with somebody who is this video with someone who might be going through similar issues or they are looking to get pregnant and they’re looking into something to prepare them or while they’re, you know, getting ready for another IVF thank you so much.