Hey guys, Dr. Ashish here. In this short video, I’m going to discuss a case study of a patient of mine who went from recurrent miscarriages to a successful pregnancy. And I’ll discuss briefly what she came with, and what we changed over the course of time and how she had a successful pregnancy. And so this patient of mine, who, when, when she came to me was about 30 to 33 years old, so fairly young, and have had six miscarriages up till that point when she came and connected with me. And And overall, this patient was fairly healthy. Otherwise, she was a yoga practitioner, and a yoga therapist herself. And that is why she connected with me, because all of you know, I practice yoga as well. And, and she was, she has had been through all the different kinds of medical tests, everything was checked scans were done. But there was no particular reason why she was having miscarriages after miscarriages. And one of the things that she shared with me, and this is only because she herself was open, and had worked on this particular issue for herself, and that she connected very well with me. And thanks to her that she was open to share that with me was there was history of abuse, sexual abuse, with herself, and also in the family. And she had worked on that issue. herself was very aware of it. So perhaps there was that one factor which, you know, affected her journey and, and made her her energy at that point where she, she wasn’t able to sustain the pregnancy. So she was somebody who could conceive really quickly, but wasn’t able to sustain the pregnancy full time. So, three things that I worked on with her and she was open minded, she was very committed and energetically very open. So first thing was to do with the mind. So all about here. So number two was massages, fertility massages, or deep abdominal massages.

Number three
was the hubs I Vedic and Western hubs to work internally. So first one, just briefly going over these three simple steps. First one was the mind the trauma and the the healing the trauma that happens with miscarriage, whether it’s a very early what we say very early miscarriage, you’ve just missed your period and you start bleeding or whether there has been you’ve been pregnant for a couple of months even. And then it starts to happen doesn’t matter what stage you miscarry at the trauma is the same, sometimes the shorter the time period, the more the trauma, because you are not aware of the whole situation also that it is it is not just only a small, you know very early on pregnancy that you have lost it is your hopes, your dreams, your whole life that you were planning with that pregnancy and with that baby that is gone. So that opportunity is lost. So there is to realise that there is huge trauma and mould which requires healing which requires a lot of work mentally on yourself. So mind work with your mind. Number two is massages. Fertility massages, is what I call it or deep abdominal massage is one to detox and to heal the area. Heal the uterus heal the pelvic area when the miscarriage happens, also then to prepare for pregnancy next time. And this patient of mine had number of sessions of fertility massages. And this is somebody whom I was guiding because she was she lived a little further away from me couldn’t come to the clinic but I was guiding another therapist who was doing fertility massages for her. So she did number of sessions of that. And then third one is the hubs. I was giving her internal hubs I use Ivy League investing hubs internally to help heal and to prepare the uterus and fallopian tubes and the whole pelvic area to progress with the next pregnancy if you are looking to get pregnant next time So I know that many women, they go through miscarriages and they don’t know what else to do, how else they could prepare next time. So if you are one of those or you know somebody who has been through this issue of miscarrying, whether recommend or just one miscarriage comment below or get in touch, let me know and I will get in touch with you. Thank you