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– Dr Ashish Paul
Fertility Coach
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Client Testimonials

Picture of Mrs. M
Mrs. M

“Dr Ashish your Mind-Body therapy sessions saved my mental health and our marriage through my fertility journey.

And your treatments improved my egg quality as well, gave us our second boy and completed our family”.

Picture of Mrs. A
Mrs. A

“At the age of 42, with a history of women’s health conditions and fairly low levels of FSH, Ashish was able to assist me to produce the top top quality eggs. I was even able to freeze one. A much better success rate than what I had encountered in my previous cycle 2 years prior”.

Picture of Mrs. G
Mrs. G

“I was 42 when I met Dr Ashish who supported me through my whole Fertility & IVF journey with her Natural therapies and Medicines, in London and in Paris. Journey was long but it was all worth it when I delivered a baby girl at 46.”