in this video Dr Ashish shares Journey of a patient from extremely painful periods to a successful Natural Pregnancy.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, Dr. Ashish here. Today in this video, which is going to last for maximum, but five minutes, I’m going to share briefly story of a patient of mine from painful periods to successful natural pregnancy. This woman, when she came to me was around 27-28, and was in extreme agony because of her painful periods. And she was taking painkillers. Every four to six hours on the first, second and third day of her periods, they were so so painful, and she, her words were bad, nothing has helped so far. So normally, I started with a consultation, we had a consultation had a chat, and I give lots of advice, self help, you know, methods that she can use at home, dietary advice, breathing exercises, we did all of that. And one of the key things that I did for this patient was that I normally recommend for many other patients to is to do therapy sessions is to do fertility, massage, or deep abdominal massage, to help with the period pain as well. And the way I do this is that for when you are due for your menstrual cycle, a week before that menstrual cycle five, six days before your menstrual cycle, you come to me for that deep abdominal massage for three days, I normally recommend three days massage, for one menstrual cycle, and we repeated for two more. So overall, three menstrual cycles, three days each time, one week prior to your periods. And so I was seeing this patient at Holly Street Clinic and she came first time she was dude come for three sessions, she only came for two sessions. And then, you know, I heard back after when she had her periods, and she said this work like miracle. And remember, she only had two sessions of therapy from therapy with me. And she said this worked like a miracle. I only had to take painkiller, once on the first day. And this has never happened to me such painful pain free period, or pain free menstrual cycle. So then next time when she came before her period, she only could come for one site, one session one therapy session she I think she was busy with working for become calm at that time. And so we only managed to do two therapy session in one menstrual cycle and one therapy session in the second menstrual cycle, which helped her tremendously in terms of reducing her period pain. And then I heard months later that she informed me that she is pregnant. And I know that when we had a discussion she said oh, because I have got such painful periods. I don’t know if I will be able to conceive naturally. And then she informed me that she is pregnant. And she was around eight months pregnant at that time. And she told me so she has a beautiful baby girl. And she told me that all the therapy work that I did, which wasn’t very extensive amount of work that we did together. She said I believe that helped me to conceive better and to conceive naturally. So this is how miracles happen with natural medicine. Sometimes everybody’s journey is different. But if you are someone who has very painful periods, which can happen in the case of dysmenorrhea, which can happen in the case of we know endometriosis, then or you know someone who is going through painful periods and they might have you know, ideas in their head that they may not be able to conceive naturally or healthily. Then do get in touch. Send me a message and I will be happy to have a chat. Thank you