Ashishveda Ayurvedic Treatment – Niruh and Anuvasana Basti


Niruh Basti and Anuvasana Basti are colonic cleansing therapies.

What is Oil Basti or Anuvasan Basti?

In this treatment oil or ghee is used in basti. It could be medicated oil or medicated ghee. This is a restorative treatment. Oil basti is either done on its own or alternate with Decoction Basti.

What is Decoction Basti or Niruh Basti?

In this treatment herbal decoction is the main ingredient. In this decoction, a number of other herbs, oil, honey or salt may be used depending on what it’s used for. Decoction Basti is either done on its own or alternate with Anuvasan Basti.

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