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At Ashishveda we care for your health in a holistic and scientific way by using natural remedies and therapies. Ashishveda provides bespoke solutions from Ayurveda, Western Herbs, NLP, Yoga and Essential oils for the management of your health.

A Brief Introduction to Ayurveda

Ayurveda means “Science of Life”. It is an ancient system of healing that focuses on the complete person which, includes the body, mind and spirit.

Traditional medicine tends to focus on a specific symptom or disease. Ayurveda says that for complete wellness to occur, the body, mind and spirit must be in harmony with each other and it must be naturally resistant to conditions that cause disease.

Ayurveda defines wellness not as “the absence of defined disease” but when all bodily tissues, organs, systems and functions are acting together in a healthy way and are able to maintain health and wellness in spite of potential illness causing influences. Ayurveda believes that by balancing the various mind-body functions the natural intelligence of the body will automatically bring itself to wellness.

Ayurveda uses natural processes and methods whenever possible for bringing wellness and restoring good health. Modern medicine usually attempts to restore health by treating the symptoms of the body or by attacking the disease, and usually uses artificial drugs and medicines to treat these symptoms and diseases. Ayurveda is complimentary to traditional medical practices and does not replace medical diagnosis and treatment.

Ayurveda recognises that each person has a unique mind-body constitution. Ayurveda then identifies the various components of that individual’s constitution, determines where imbalances and disturbances exist, and provides education, guidance and a plan for helping the individual bring about their own improvements in health and wellness.

Ayurvedic practices focus on clearing disturbances and balancing metabolic and energetic patterns that support constitutional resilience. It is the individual’s implementation of the right Ayurvedic practices that brings about balance and wellness. People are more vulnerable to developing pathological illness or disease when vital energies of the mind, body and spirit are disrupted. Ayurveda can assist in learning how to improve health through improved lifestyle habits.

Ashishveda works with clients through a collaborative planning process. Collaborative planning is a process for developing an understanding between you and Ashishveda for specific services including,

What Ashishveda can do to contribute toward the achievement of your health and wellness objectives.
What you the client can do to contribute toward the achievement of your health and wellness objectives.
How we can cooperate together to facilitate your plan for your health and wellness.

The key areas of expertise of Dr Ashish are listed below. Please visit each page separately for more information.

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My Approach

My aim is to bring awareness to the holistic benefits that people can enjoy by using the ancient Indian treatments and the western herbal medicine. These therapies work with the natural rhythm of the body, treat the cause of a problem and have less adverse effects.

I want to set the benchmark for your health and wellbeing journey and welcome you along for the ride.

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