Foods have Prana-the life force according to Ayurveda.
Foods high in Prana are fresh, non-processed, seasonal, biodynamic, and organic.
Food is therapeutic and when used wisely has medicinal qualities.
Foods affect your body and mind & should be eaten according to your Doshas.
Foods once digested nourishes all the dhaatus (tissues) in your body.
According to Ayurveda, you are what you can eat, digest and assimilate.
Learn Ayurvedic principles of foods and eating habits at Ashishveda.

Ayurveda has three pillars to keep body and mind healthy.


These three principles work together to keep body-mind healthy at all times and work as Preventative Medicine.

Food includes food and eating habits. At Ashishveda Fertility Consultations Dr Ashish goes into an in-depth assessment of your foods in relation to your fertility. A lot of pragmatic solutions and recipe ideas are also shared that are suitable to an individual family.

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