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Abhyanga is a relaxing and healing Ayurvedic full body massage using warm oil. The oil used in Abyhanga massage is typically infused with medicinal herbs that assist in alleviating a variety of health conditions. The oil is massaged over the entire body before bathing.

Why would I want to do this therapy?

Abyhanga massage combines the best of modern massage technique with natural, health-giving Ayurvedic herbs. Book an Abhyanga session (or several) to enjoy full relaxation and stress reduction. In addition to its calming effect, the therapy is good for the skin, giving deep hydration and nourishment.

What are the benefits of doing this therapy?

This massage therapy offers multiple health benefits:

1. Reduced Vata
Vata is one of the vital life energies or doshas that constitute the mind and body, according to Ayurvedic tradition. This dosha is associated with movement and air. Excess Vata is often at the root of a racing mind, sleeplessness, flatulence and other sources of discomfort.
2. Improved sleep quality
The deep relaxation Abhyanga achieves balances your mind-body connection and releases tension and muscle pain, allowing better sleep.
3. Reduced joint inflammation
Schedule an Abhyanga massage if you have arthritis. Deep, warming massage using effective medicated oils reduces painful symptoms.
4.Fewer headaches
Headaches are often a side-effect of insomnia or sustained tension in the body. Enjoy a relaxing massage to reduce the pain and frequency of headaches.
5. Improved circulation
Poor circulation causes the extremities to feel cold and is bad for cardiovascular health. Abhyanga stimulates blood flow through full body massage.

Does it hurt? What can I expect?

Because Abhyanga involves applying mild pressure to the muscles, you might experience mild to moderate pain where muscles are particularly tight. This will subside as the muscle loosens and you regain more mobility. You can also expect some mild pain post-session as your muscles continue to heal through improved circulation.

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