In this video Dr Ashish discusses 3 simple steps to enhance the quality of eggs and number of eggs when trying to conceive

Video Transcript

Hey guys, Dr. Ashish here. I’m here to talk about the three steps to increase the quality of your eggs and to increase the number of eggs when you’re trying to conceive. So let’s look at those three simple steps. Number one, is to make sure you have rhythm. Number two is foods, or fat, or fat containing foods. Number three is orgasms. How well are you orgasmic? So I’m just going to give you a little more detail on these three steps. So the first one is about rhythm in your life, in your lifestyle, rhythm in your meal times or the rhythm in your sleep times? What time are you sleeping? What time are you eating? What time are you waking up? Are you regular in all of those things? regularity is important for hormonal balance. So make sure that you are doing these things regularly at the same time. So that meal is on the same time sleep is at the same time and there is a little ritual to it to make it very balanced, because hormones like that balance. Number two is foods or rather foods that contain good quality fat, and I recommend a lot of ghee we do recommend AT Clinic medicinal key as well. But if you can add fat in your diet that is plant based as well as, as well as animal based fat. That is the second step. So making sure you’re eating good quality fat, without not eating high amount, but good quality fat is crucial to increase and the quality of the eggs. Number three is orgasms. It has to do with how how well satisfied you are orgasming sexually as well as feeling that blissful, that blissfulness or what we call the state of Ananda in everything that you do, are you fulfilled? Are you feeling happier? Are you feeling content in what you are doing? That enhances and of course, the sexual orgasms are crucial to release the good quality egg. So three simple steps and you work on all three of them. It helps to enhance the quality and the release of good eggs to enhance your fertility. If you like what I’m saying, and if you’re if my words resonate with you, and you want to know more, then let me know. And I’ll be happy to send you more details how I work on all those things. Thank you.