As many of you know I work with DoTerra essential oils in my clinical practice. These drop dosages of herbs are a great way to support your health and well-being.

Here are some tips on how to use DoTerra Essential Oils

1. Diffuse them to keep home environment clean and healthier.
2. Herbal teas can be made with these essential oils.
3. Some of the essential oils are useful as a spice.
4. Inhale essential oils by rubbing them on your palms.
5. Essential oils in roller ball bottles are easy to carry in your purse and can be used where you are.
6. Mix essential oil in a base oil and use it as a massage oil.
7. Essential oils can be used as a healthier way of skincare.
8. Essential oil-based home cleaning products are health promoting and eco-friendly.
9. Refresh your wardrobes with your favourite fragrances.
10. Perfumes, body mist and body cooling sprays can be made with essential oils.