Why you and your partner must be close to each other during your Fertility Journey

Generally, there are two people involved in any Fertility Journey whether they be a heterosexual or a homosexual couple makes no difference. More often than not it’s a joint decision between two people to step on to the life-stage of parenthood.

For those couples who do not fall pregnant naturally and start to venture into various fertility treatments, they sometimes find themselves on a long, lonely road and often with very little support.

Ashishveda fertility supports couples before, after and during conception and our advice for any couples going through a fertility journey right now, is that during this time it’s even more crucial to be close to your partner.

Your partner is the nearest person to you whom you can reach out to, talk to and share your innermost thoughts with. We know from experience and from the couples that come to our clinic, that this can be a very secretive, private time with many choosing not to tell their families what they are going through so by being honest and open with each other it gives you both the support needed.

Being on this journey together and supporting each other through it means you both can motivate each other every day while the fertility treatments are going on, and keep an eye on each other’s progression through treatments and share your experiences openly and sensitively.

It’s usually one partner going through the physical effects of the actual ‘treatment’ so the other partner might start to feel ‘left out’.  This is another reason to keep each other 100% informed of how you both are feeling and discuss everything to ensure you both feel like an equally important part of the whole process.

A couples loving relationship and the bond between them helps to reduce stress levels and keeps positivity. This will have a huge impact on the outcome of your fertility treatment.

Here at Ashishveda Fertility, we prefer to consult with both partners regularly when starting out on their fertility journey with us.  We offer many treatments which can be taken together to aid relaxation to prepare you both for the amazing journey of pregnancy.  Pranayama (breathing) and meditation are just some of the treatments we offer to prepare your mind and body together.

Do you have any stories you’d like to share?  Please connect with us and share your couples journey or contact me to find out more about how we can start you on the road to make your dreams come true with Ashishveda Fertility.

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