The benefits of Hasta Abhyanga – Ayurvedic hand massage

Your hands are constantly busy, whether typing out work correspondence, texting friends and family or doing arts and crafts. With all the work that your hands do day to day, they could be one of the first parts of your body to show symptoms of painful ailments such as arthritis. Yet in Ayurvedic tradition, Hasta Abhyanga (special Indian hand massage) has long been used to alleviate these pains.  Here are some of the benefits of hand-massages:

Hand massages greatly reduce stress

When you are feeling pressured at work or going through difficult changes in your personal life, stress can grow unmanageable. Hasta Abhyanga is particularly calming and can help you reduce stress when you most need to.

Hand massage reduces muscle tension

When you hold tension in one part of your body, it often creates tension in other parts. Painful muscles in your hands can also cause unpleasant cramping. Ayurvedic hand massage, however, relaxes the muscles in the hand deeply. Pair this benefit with the stress reduction massage includes, and Ayurvedic hand massage becomes a powerful yet simple treatment for attaining healthy balance.

Hasta Abhyanga assists with better breathing

So much of what are our bodies do happens subconsciously. Yet Hasta Abhyanga or hand massage can help to make breathing more conscious, as you become relaxed and aware of your breathing. You can have Ayurvedic hand massage performed using soothing medicated oils or without.

You can use hand massage therapies from Ayurvedic tradition in tandem with other Ayurvedic treatments. Pair hand massage sessions with Shiroabhyanga (head massage) to relieve even more stress, improve circulation and ward off headaches. Between Shiroabhyanga and Hasta Abhhyanga you can find total relaxation.


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