Beat the common cold with immune-boosting Ayurvedic support

In the heart of winter opportunistic colds and infections create painful sinuses and discomfort. Ayurvedic medicine provides natural ways to keep the common cold away. Aryuvedic cold remedies have been used for thousands of years and provide all-natural alternatives to filling your body with caffeine and other unhealthy stimulants. When you feel a sore throat or blocked sinuses coming on, try these natural remedies.

A warming, natural tea

The foods you eat have a potent effect on the three life energies or doshas – kapha, vata and pitta. The watery kapha dosha is associated with dampness and health complaints such as excessive mucous. Try drinking a warm mug of hot water steeped with natural ginger root, a slice of fresh lemon and a dash of turmeric each morning. The spiciness that is a property of pitta counteracts the excess of kapha that is associated with colds. Turmeric is a natural antiseptic and antibiotic, and ginger has excellent antibacterial properties.

A sinus-clearing warm oil treatment

Nasya is an Ayurvedic treatment that entails the application of natural, warm medicated oil to the nasal passage. This helps to lubricate the sinuses and keep them from getting dry. If you have been using a saline spray for sinusitis, it is especially important to lubricate your sinuses again to avoid irritation and discomfort

Natural Ayurvedic health supplements

Warming, naturally antibacterial foods are effective as a preventative measure against colds and flu. But a little extra support is often helpful. Natural nasal drops containing extracts of healing herbs and plants can be taken to alleviate congestion, while anti-inflammatory powders such as Trikatu powder can be taken with honey to ease discomfort. If you are unsure what natural Ayurvedic treatment to take, consult with your practitioner for advice.

Colds are a niggling cause of discomfort and can worsen if left untreated. So stay healthy and boost your immune system naturally with Ayurveda during the colder winter months.  Contact me for more details.


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