A recent testimonial to share

I am delighted to share this with you.
I recently asked a dear patient “how Ayurveda is helping her on their IVF journey”?   I am proud to share her reply with you, please do contact me if you’d like to discuss anything about your IVF journey.  We are running a Retreat specifically aimed at improving fertility issues.  Please contact me to register interest.


Ayurveda has helped me in every way so far. It have given me precious insight into the way body works. It has particularly showed me how important it is to balance our hormones to improve our fertility. It has helped me so far in improving my relationship with my husband because we understand each other so much better. We understand foods and their effects on our health. My blood tests showed improvement in my health within few weeks.

I had never heard of Ayurveda before. I am glad I know about it now. Its such a holistic system and integrated way to look at our health.

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