Treatment information – Kati Basti

How long is it?

One session of Kati Basti lasts one hour. The effect is cumulative so book multiple sessions to achieve the full benefits.

What does it cost?


What is it?

Kati Basti is an Ayurvedic treatment specifically designed to assist in improving back-related health conditions and reducing pain. A mould is filled with approximately a litre of warm, natural Ayurvedic oil and placed on the lower back for the duration of the session before the area is bathed.

Why would I want to do this therapy?

Kasti Basti is indicated if you are suffering any back pain or are recovering from a bout of sciatica or spinal trauma. It also promotes greater flexibility in the lower back.

What are the benefits of doing this therapy?

The benefits of a warm oil Kati Basti treatment include:

  1. Relaxed deep tissue

You might carry a lot of tension in your low back from sitting long hours or doing heavy lifting. Kati Basti provides deep tissue relaxation through heat as well as the addition of natural, relaxing Ayurvedic herbs to the warm oil.

2. Reduced back pain

You will feel the full benefits of the painkilling properties of the medicated warm oil used in Kati Basti after a few sessions. The warmth of the oil combined with its relaxing medicinal properties will alleviate muscular tension.

3. Improved flexibility in the lower spine

If you have experienced a back injury or are prone to a backache, restoring flexibility gradually without risking further injury is crucial. Kati Basti provides a gentle solution for gradually loosening up the joints and ligaments in the lower back.

4. Reduced inflammation

Joint inflammation causes considerable pain. You will experience reduced inflammation through the soothing effects of the warm oil used in this treatment.

5. Locally reduced Vata

In Ayurvedic medicine, the Vata dosha or life energy associated with dryness and air is often a culprit in lower back pain. This warm oil treatment provides the means to reduce Vata locally, targeting the problem area.

Does it hurt? What can I expect?

Kati Basti does not hurt. There should be no open injuries in the lower back area at a time of treatment. You can expect greater flexibility and reduced back pain after two to three sessions.