Treatment information – Janu Basti

How long is it?

Each Janu Basti treatment lasts one hour.

What does it cost?


What is it?

Janu Basti is an Ayurvedic warm oil treatment that is applied locally to the knees. A mould is filled with warm oil and placed on each knee and left in place for the duration of the treatment. As with other warm oil treatments, multiple sessions are usually preferable. This maximizes the beneficial effects while also getting the most value out of the oil.

Why would I want to do this therapy?

If you have knee pain or an inflammatory condition such as arthritis Janu Basti is indicated. It is also effective as a supplementary treatment for post- knee operation recovery.

What are the benefits of doing this therapy?

The benefits of Janu Basti warm oil treatment are:

  1. Improved flexibility in the knees

Tension in the knees due to wear and tear can be reduced effectively via Janu Basti treatments. The warm oil nourishes deeply and eases muscular tension.

 2. Reduced pain

The pain associated with tension, knee injuries or operations diminishes with each Janu Basti treatment. Natural herbal painkillers and muscle relaxants are infused with the oil for lasting improvements.

3. Reduced Vata

The dry and airy Vata dosha (one of the three primary energies that the mind and body contain) can grow to excess and create health problems. An excess of Vata is associated with conditions such as arthritis that cause knee pain. Topical warm oil treatment will bring your doshas into better alignment.

4. Reduced inflammation

Inflammation in the joints is one of the most common causes of knee pain. In Janu Basti treatment, the pooling of warm oil on the knees over an extended period of time allows the heat and medicinal properties of Ayurvedic oil to reduce inflammation.

5. Improved blood circulation

Cramps and muscle pain around the knees is often associated with varicose veins and poor circulation. The warmth of the oil dilates the blood vessels around the knees, improving circulation and reducing pain.

Does it hurt? What can I expect?

As you regain more flexibility and your muscles and ligaments move more than they may have been you might experience some passing discomfort. This will give way to greater flexibility and comfort. Expect to keep still for the duration of the treatment, as the mould will need to rest over your knee for the full duration of your session.