Treatment information – Grihva Basti

How long is it?

Each session of Grihva Basti treatment lasts one hour.

What does it cost?


What is it?

Grihva Basti is a localised treatment for the neck and cervical area of the spine. Grihva Basti involves placing a mould filled with warm Ayurvedic oil on the cervical spine and leaving it in place for an hour until the full healing benefits have taken effect.

Why would I want to do this therapy?

Grihva Basti is indicated if you have pain in the upper spinal cord or the cervical area of the neck. Conditions such as cervical spondylosis and degenerative conditions of the spine benefit from the application of warm, naturally medicinal oils. This Ayurvedic treatment will also help if you suffer from vertigo.

What are the benefits of doing this therapy?

The benefits of Grihva Basti include:

  1. Relaxed deep tissue in the neck area

The neck is one part of the spine that is particularly vulnerable to injury and muscular pain. Long hours sitting, sports injuries or accidents can cause substantial neck pain. The application of warm, medicated oil improves blood flow to the neck muscles, allowing faster muscular regeneration.

2. Reduced neck pain

The relaxing effects of Grihva Basti on the neck area reduce pain while making this area of the body more flexible.

3. Reduced localised Vata

The doshas (the primary life energies that make up our bodies and minds according to Ayurvedic tradition) can be thrown out of alignment. If one dosha is in excess, it can cause associated issue. Inflammation is closely associated with Vata and pitta. Grihva Basti warm oil treatments introduce the cooling, hydrating properties of the watery Kapha dosha, balancing Vata.

 4. Reduced inflammation

part of what causes neck pain is inflammation in the discs that make up the spine. By improving circulation and relaxing deep tissue, Grihva Basti reduces inflammation.

5. Improved flexibility

Neck pain can make it uncomfortable to even turn your head from side to side. Grihva Basti improves flexibility by relaxing muscles and reducing inflammation.

Does it hurt? What can I expect?

Grihva Basti does not hurt. A professional Ayurvedic practitioner will warm the oil used to just the right temperature to provide the maximum benefit. As your neck muscles relax and become more mobile, you may experience some initial discomfort but this will dissipate as the treatment takes effect.