Preparing for Pregnancy Workshop – 25th February 2017

Preparing for Pregnancy –join me and Nikki Robinson for our first interactive workshop at Holisticare.   This event is suitable for everyone planning or currently trying to get pregnant.

Details are : Saturday, February 25th 10 am – 1 pm £20 per person or £38 per couple.  Sessions will be led by Nikki Robinson MCSP (specialist Myofascial Release Physiotherapist) and myself.


We will teach you how to work with your body and mind to improve your health and help achieve your goal of becoming pregnant.  The workshop includes practical sessions and plenty of time for discussion and questions. Refreshments provided.

Please call us on 01279 718331 to book your place.


What is Myofascial Release ?

Myofascial Release is a safe, gentle, hands-on treatment that works with your body to untangle the restrictions that cause pain, tension and inflammation. It was developed by an American Physiotherapist called John Barnes.

Everything that happens to us from the time we are conceived is recorded within our fascial network (the myofascia). This is a continuous web of fibres that holds our cells in place and connects them all to each other.

This 3D network gives you strength, flexibility and stability meaning that no part of the body exists in isolation. The myofascia solidifies and shortens in response to any kind of trauma, repetition of movement or ongoing poor posture. It will slowly tighten, spreading tension throughout your whole body.

There is a gloopy substance between the cells and fibres, called the ground substance. This reacts to physical and emotional stress and becomes more solid, preventing your body from being able to adapt to things and leading to symptoms and illness.

The ground substance is thixotropic, meaning that it becomes more fluid in response to warmth and pressure. During treatment, this comes from our hands and we use this reaction to feel where the restrictions are coming from and to gently release them.

As we never force our patients’ bodies, it is very safe and enables us to truly follow what they need, getting long-term results. It also allows us to work very deeply without pain, so most of our patients find it a very relaxing treatment.

A recent testimonial to share

I am delighted to share this with you.
I recently asked a dear patient “how Ayurveda is helping her on their IVF journey”?   I am proud to share her reply with you, please do contact me if you’d like to discuss anything about your IVF journey.  We are running a Retreat specifically aimed at improving fertility issues.  Please contact me to register interest.


Ayurveda has helped me in every way so far. It have given me precious insight into the way body works. It has particularly showed me how important it is to balance our hormones to improve our fertility. It has helped me so far in improving my relationship with my husband because we understand each other so much better. We understand foods and their effects on our health. My blood tests showed improvement in my health within few weeks.

I had never heard of Ayurveda before. I am glad I know about it now. Its such a holistic system and integrated way to look at our health.

Spring-Cleaning – The Ashishveda Way

Many of us embrace new habits at this time of year that put our homes and lives in order. We formally say farewell to winter with the very best intentions and welcome with open arms the warmer inspirational season of Spring.
If you are like me, you also tend to spring clean your body as the weather gets nicer, increase your exercise, eat healthier and dare I say it detox which can most definitely be  revitalising.  However we need to aim to maintain these habits rather than have a good month or two!  This will also improve the health of your body, mind and spirit in general and set you up for a much healthier lifestyle.
We offer many different treatments and dietary advice but nothing is more important than this detoxification for spring.  Our body is naturally cleansing or detoxifying itself constantly anyway but the two seasons which are best to regain balance in our body, mind and spirit are Spring and Autumn.
We are focussing on Spring this month which is a season of new growth after wintertime. Spring brings life to the whole universe and with spring all those winter blues fall away. Spring increases pitta (warmth in our bodies), thus we see many heat related issues such as allergies, hay fever, colds/ flu etc generally increasing in this period.
Our immune system will show acute reactions more in the spring season.
Spring is also the season of fertility, the perfect time of year for blossoming;   Ashishveda  recommends Panchakarma (meaning five actions) which is a cleansing and rejuvenating program for the body, mind and consciousness. It is known for its beneficial effects on overall health and can help the body completely cleanse,  detoxify and restore balance.
We are offering a two week intense Panchakarma health rejuvenation package or a one week ayurvedic daal/khichadi detox throughout the month of March.  Book now and you will receive a 10% discount to get the new you started.

What we do


Our treatments here at Ashishveda generally are to aid in the following conditions

Restoring balance
Improving Holistic Healing
helping you to connect your body-mind-spirit
Boosting your immunity
reduction of already prevalent symptoms

we can’t emphasise enough when embarking on one of these treatments it is a Lifestyle change and needs full commitment from you to experience the full benefit.

Your treatment may include one or some of the following:

Herbs, vitamins, minerals
Dietary and Lifestyle advice
Ayurvedic Therapies & Massages
Marmas (Ayurvedic pressure points)
Breathing exercises (Pranayama)
Ayurvedic Counselling

Recognising that we too as human beings are a huge part of nature, Ayurveda describes three essential energies that control our inner and outer surroundings: movement, conversion, and our make-up. Known as Vata (Wind), Pitta (Fire), and Kapha (Earth), these primary forces are responsible for the appearance of our mind and body

If Vata is dominant in our system, we tend to be thin, light, enthusiastic, energetic, and changeable. If Pitta predominates in our nature, we tend to be intense, intelligent, and goal-oriented and we have a strong appetite for life. When Kapha prevails, we tend to be easy-going, methodical, and nurturing. Although each of us has all three forces, most people have one or two elements that predominate.

For each element, there is a balanced and imbalanced expression. For example When Vata is balanced, a person is lively and creative, but when there is too much movement in the system, a person tends to experience anxiety, insomnia, dry skin, constipation, and difficulty focusing.

When Pitta is functioning in a balanced manner, a person is warm, friendly, disciplined, a good leader, and a good speaker. When Pitta is out of balance, a person tends to be compulsive and irritable and may suffer from indigestion or an inflammatory condition.

When Kapha is balanced, a person is sweet, supportive, and stable but when Kapha is out of balance, a person may experience sluggishness, weight gain, and sinus congestion.

An important objetive of Ayurveda is to identify a person’s ideal state of balance, determine where they are out of balance, and offer interventions using diet, herbs, aromatherapy, massage treatments, and meditation to re-establish balance.

You will be asked to complete a simple questionnaire called a Dosha, when you arrive for your consultation which can help you and Dr Ashish determine which Ayurveda element is most present in your nature. You can complete the questionnaire here in advance of your consultation, if you’d like to. Please remember to answer as honestly as possible.

Ashishveda’s Mother’s Day Retreat Offer

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Before you do anything, scribble this date in your diary: Mother’s Day is Sunday, 15th March (here in the UK).

Are you struggling to decide what to get your lovely mum this year? if your mum is too difficult to buy for (flowers and a box chocolates on Mother’s Day are a cop out!), then this year, show your mum your appreciation and just how much you love her by giving her a gift you know she’ll love – the secret to a perfect gift is thoughtfulness remember and we have just the treat.

Ashishveda Micro Retreat Day £150 (Special offer for Mother’s day only *– normal price £250)
This day retreat involves a wide range of treatments and consultations for individuals, or couples (mother and daughter price of £280*)

A day of true relaxation and indulgence. The day will include;

  • A welcome drink on arrival
    Indian head massage
    Breathing & Meditation
    Ayurvedic Back Massage
    Ayurvedic Face Massage
    Complimentary Herbal Tea throughout the day and a light homemade Ayurvedic lunch will be included

It can be easy for busy mums to forget to treat themselves, so this mother’s day, treat her to something extra special.   The day can be booked  on a day of your choice throughout March – subject to availability and is going to be in Woodford Green.  Venue information will be confirmed at the time of your reservation.  To book and reserve a space please click here.

Another special offer from us, if you book your retreat package before 5th March 2015 then you too can experience the wisdom of Ayurveda and will be entitled to a FREE 30 minute ‘Diet & Lifestyle Consultation’!

Look out for other Ashishveda Ayurvedic Retreats coming available very soon: