Ashishveda and your Daily Ayurvedic Routine

Ashishveda Ayurveda is an everlasting science, something that has no end. It not only helps you to understand the value of life, but it also provides underlying direction that encourages one to live life in the most harmonious way possible.

Ashishveda’s Ayurveda practice teaches ancient wisdom that is meant to be used every day; it’s not something you look for only when you need it. It’s very practical and accessible because its foundation is based on purely the maintenance of good health and the prevention of disease.  It isn’t a beauty treatment although you will feel amazing from the inside out, it is a lifestyle change and you won’t look back.

At Ashishveda Ayurveda the definition of health is so elaborate, so whole, and so all-inclusive that it is present in the food you choose to eat, in the colours you choose to wear, and how you arrange your environment, and in everything else that is part of your life either internally or externally;  

One of the best and most effective ways to practice Ayurveda is through your lifestyle and diet.  This is the easiest place to start too and the basis of Ashishveda Ayurveda which consists of the 5 elements ether, air, fire, water and earth; they guide and work together with your constitution (body type). The collaboration of these 5 elements is set in each fragment of this universe. The molecular structure of the food we eat contains these 5 elements, just as the human body is made up of them. If we learn to understand what our constitution is based on also understand what are the tastes and subtle qualities of the food we eat, while also understanding the cycle of day when eating, what season we are in and also even what part of the world we are in; we will see that all these things come together and influence us in how we feel. We need to synchronise our internal rhythm with the rhythm of nature to create harmony and therefore balance our body and mind health.

Read more next week and learn to understand your dosha.

Staying well with Ayurveda

Winter is the time when we are most susceptible to common colds and flu, but Ayurvedic medicine provides many ways to safeguard yourself and maintain winter wellness. From adjusting your diet seasonally to taking medicated ghee treatments, you can stay healthy this winter naturally.

3 ways to ward of winter complaints with Ayurveda

The winter season is closely associated with the kapha dosha (one of the three elementary life energies that make up our minds and bodies). Kapha is associated with coolness, heaviness and lethargy. Treatments and foods that abate kapha and bring the doshas into balance will help you to stay healthy this winter. Here are three ways to protect yourself from winter complaints with Ayurveda:

  1. Take medicated ghee treatments

The purity of ghee and the lubrication it provides make it excellent as both a food item and a topical salve during winter. Nasya treatments that are administered nasally can help to keep sinuses lubricated and prevent painful cracking where skin is dry from the cold. Ghee itself contains phenolic antioxidants which boost your immune system. Make sure you stock up this winter on plain, non-medicated ghee too.

  1. Adjust your diet for winter

In winter, when the cold kapha and windy vata doshas are dominant, warming, spicy foods such as chilli can help to keep you in better health. Spices such as cumin and cinnamon are warming, so have a mug of warm spiced chai instead of your usual tea to reap the full benefits. A warming, Ayurvedic winter diet will make sure that your immune system stays strong and ready to tackle common winter ailments.

  1. Book an oil massage

In addition to internal applications of ghee, try an oil massage this winter. Ayurvedic massages using medicated oils help to release tension and toxins. Being stressed makes you more prone to common winter maladies, so take the necessary steps to have a stress free, healthy winter.

Keeping dosed on important vitamins will help to keep your immune system functioning optimally this winter. Natural Ayurvedic treatments and lifestyle changes, however, can create the true balance that underlies sturdy health.