The Nice things you say about Ashishveda ..

These are recent testimonials from our fantastic clients. I love and enjoy everything about my ‘work’, Ashishveda is very close to my heart and I relish getting to know each and every one of my clients, thank you for your companionship and for choosing us.

“I first heard about Ayurvedic medicine on a trip to India but until I met Dr Ashish Paul, I was ignorant of the great benefits Ayurvedic medicine can bring.

After an in depth consultation with Dr Ashish and learning about my body type and “Dosha”, Dr Ashish recommended a relaxing Shirodhara treatment.

My first treatment was a wonderful experience. Dr. Ashish immediately puts you at ease, she explained in detail how the treatment is carried out and the benefits that follow.

I was made very comfortable and the warm, dripping oil sensation calmed me almost immediately. I felt relaxed and centred and was able to achieve a true settled & relaxed state. I usually find it extremely difficult to truly relax, however, during the Shirodhara treatment I was completely relaxed and felt like I was floating/sleeping near to trickling water.

After the treatment, I felt free of tension and felt calm and relaxed. I even went home and had a restful nap! I enjoyed a fantastic night’s sleep that evening and awoke feeling free from anxiety and had a tension free mind & body. I can highly recommend this treatment and will be booking further treatments for myself. Thank you Dr Ashish for opening my eyes to Ayurvedic medicine.”  RA

AnYes van Rhijn , Women’s Empowerment Coach

I have had the pleasure to work with Dr. Ashish Paul several times.


Initially, I wanted Ashish to guide me from a nutritional point of view and I must say that the impact on my health was clearly there.


More recently I was in need of a massage. I had never experienced an Ayurvedic massage and I must say that I have been blown away by it.


When I returned home it was as if I was walking on a mattress of clouds …. pure ecstasy!


I’ve also seen Ashish giving several talks about what healthy living looks like from an Ayurvedic perspective and I have successfully applied quite a few tips she gives.


Thank you so much for your expertise and warmth Ashish!




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  1. Carol says:

    Ashish Paul is a skilful practitioner. She gave me very good advices on how to improve my health using food, sport, oil massages and ayurvedic treatments. I really appreciated she took time to answer my questions. Ayurveda is a wonderful medicine and British people must be aware of its potential on mental and physical health.

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